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Samsung SGH-I547 nv_data restoration (Galaxy Rugby Pro) 
	Written on Linux, so names may be incorrect, but it should be close
	Alright, so I received an NVbricked comanche, for use as a developer device. I needed a way to test the cell radio 
	when the need arises, so full LTE support was necessary. Early on, I managed to revive the IMEI using the nvdata 
	backups created with my daily device, but this did not revive the full modem. I knew I had to fire up the only 
	NVdata tools I knew about, QPST. 

	After fighting my Windows partition due to corrupt NTFS,  I finally got booted up and QPST installed, along with 
	the necessary Samsung drivers, and plugged the good device in. I was able to create a functional QCN file from the 
	NVdata dumped. I then dumped the bad QCN from the “damaged” device, for reference material. From there I began the 
	writing process:

Items necessary:
1. An NVbricked Samsung comanche, with no SIM card in it
2. A good, working QCN file
3. A Windows machine (I used Windows 7) with a good USB cable
4. Time, patience, attentiveness and a strong will

A. Plug in the “damaged” device to a USB port on your computer

B. Open the Windows menu and right-click on “Computer”, eventually your device will appear under “COM & LP” (IIRC), record 
the COM number for later use

C. Open “QPST Configuration” and click “active ports”, the COM number that you recorded earlier should be listed next to 
“USB serial”. Select it, then launch “RF NV Manager”

D. Connect to the COM port again, then click “Read NV from Phone, then find the item named NV_UE_IMEI, and record the 
numbers by the box (If these do not match the numbers on the sticker under the battery, don't bother. Remember that the 
numbers are written backwards. It's confusing at first)

E. Now open “SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD” and write the working QCN to the device (A reboot error is normal). After doing so, reboot 
the device then go back to the NV write program. Rescan the device, then find the entry for IMEI from before then input the 
original numbers. DO NOT change anything else. Click “Write NV to device”, let it finish, then reboot

F. Data should be working again!